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Second place in Radar Detector Test

"We are not surprised why is ONE M one of the best selling detectors in Europe, well deserved second place.".

GENEVO ONE M is a European radar detector with the best price-performance ratio

GENEVO ONE M - the recently upgraded model that reliably detects any police radars, including the feared MultaRadars CD/CT and Gatso radars including the newest GATSO RT4 which can´t be detected by most other radar detectors.

Main advantages of GENEVO ONE M detector:
  • 360° radar detection
  • Lifetime free GPS and FW updates
  • Smallest detector on the market
  • High-quality and pleasant display with red illumination.
  • One of the highest MultaRadar CD/CT sensitivity on the market
  • GATSO RT3 and RT4 detection
  • User-friendly menu
  • Excellent resistance to false alarms
  • The most accurate Europe-wide GPS database
  • Modified for specific conditions in the Europe

The world first Radar-detector to detect MultaRadars CD/CT and Gatso RT3/RT4
MultaRadars CD and CT work in the pulse K-band with very low power output, to detect such radars is very difficult even for the highest quality detectors. MultaRadars are installed mostly invisibly in unmarked police cars, GATSO radars can be installed basically in any shape, in cars, as portable units or fixed in various designs.

Where are MultaRadars CD/CT and GATSO RT3/RT4 used?
  • Slovakia
  • Austria
  • Slovenia
  • Poland
  • Netherlands
  • Spain
  • Portugal
  • Belgium
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • France
  • Finland

The most accurate GPS database
Our GPS database is unrivaled on the market as it is managed by us and our partners, the professionals in the area. It includes stationary radars, section radars, and traffic lights cameras. Updates are released monthly and are lifetime free with GENEVO ONE M.

Genevo One M

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Why Genevo? GENEVO is the current European leader in radar detection. Efforts of developers and executives with over ten years of experience in their field from early 2012 resulted in the introduction of their first and smallest radar detector in the world the Genevo One. Shortly after launch Genevo One became the best seller in Europe due to Perfect parameters, User-friendliness, and Unrivaled price. The outstanding performance of the Radar antenna, Accurate GPS database, online firmware updates, language localizations, and many other features were the main factors of its success. Currently Genevo brand has significantly expanded its products portfolio and we are also looking for new interesting products to come.
Why Beltronics & Escort? Founded in 1978, Escort Radar has a long history of leading technology in radar and laser detection. Launched under the company name Cincinnati Microwave, Inc., today, ESCORT owns ~85% of patents in the field. Based on high experience and success in USA, together with European partners Escort develops radar detection systems specifically for use in Europe. At present time products manufacturer of Escort are distributed under the brand names Escort and Beltronics.
Why Euro models? Just like You have to know Chinese to communicate in China, detectors need to be adapted to understand and receive signals sent by radars that are used in Europe. Detectors made for USA and other markets do not function properly in Europe. Starting early in 21th century special versions called "Euro" models are being offered by several manufacturers. All manufacturers mentioned above provide special versions of their detectors suitable for use in Europe. While You buy detector listed here you can be sure that it will detect all radars across Europe and beyond. If You have any question, feel free to contact us.
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