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Escort 9500ix EURO

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The Escort 9500ix EURO X is a older detector and has been discontinued. however, we have a perfect successor called Genevo ONE S. Smaller, with outstanding performance from portable detectors and a new, more sensitive radar technology. Together with the most precise GPS Database, easy updating and simple user interface, Genevo ONE S is your great alternative. For more info click here GENEVO ONE S

Professional mobile GPS radar and laser detector

The high-tech radar receiver and the laser sensors on the front and the back of the detector provide professional 360 degrees sensitivity in radar and laser detection. It is provided for European use with INTL (Euro) mode by the ESCORT Inc. manufactory. It can alert you when you are near to the newest lidars or radars, and you can set a lot of settings to make your detector more effective.

The product alerts you when policemen check your speed,  but it cannot jam the speed-checking. If you want to jam it then you need a laser jammer.

On the extra bright display it displays the strength of the signal with the band's name. The Expert Meter allows you to monitor 8 bands at the same time. In Spec Display mode you can see the name and the frequency of the radar signal.

The benefit of the product is having GPS receiver for the locking false alerts. 

It has individual TrueLock function (locks out false alerts set by the user), AutoLearn (false alerts will be locked out automatically third time), MarkLocation (giving new data by the user) and the database inside.

It can alert from extreme distances in X, K, Ka and Ku radar bands too.

Owing to the 4-level brightness control you can choose between Dim, Medium, or Max brightness levels, or fully Dark for discreet night driving. You can set the volume level too, or you can use your earphone. 

It is possible to choose three different sensitivity levels to minimize false alerts. In Automatic mode the 9500ix will choose the best sensitivity level for your speed. In Highway mode your detector is in the most sensitive mode. In AutoNoX mode (called City mode before) X band is not used. However, if you need you can turn on and set the sensitivity of X band in the AutoNoX mode.

You can install the ESCORT 9500ix with the Smart Cord. It has a mute button and an alert LED. If you need, you can have a direct fitting cable called Direct Wire Cord.You can fit it with Direct Wire SmartCord, which have a mute button and alert LED too. If you do not use the cigarette lighter socket for the ESCORT detector, you can connect there other useful accessories such as a telephone recharger, etc. If you have a bigger car, with the help of the Smartcord you can handle your detector much more comfortably without stetching your arms far from the steering wheel.

Escort 9500ix Euro
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Why Genevo? Although Genevo brand is quite new to European market the reputation of its products has grown into the heights already. Efforts of developers and executives with over ten years experience in their field early 2012 resulted early in introduction of their first and smallest radar detector in the world called Genevo One. Shortly after launch Genevo One became the best seller in Europe due to Perfect parameters, User friendliness and Unrivaled price. Perfect parameters of Radar antenna, Accurate GPS antenna, online firmware updates, language localizations and many other features were main factors of its success. Currently Genevo brand has expanded its products portfolio significantly and we are also looking for new interesting products planed to be introduced in 2016.
Why Beltronics & Escort? Founded in 1978, Escort Radar has a long history of leading technology in radar and laser detection. Launched under the company name Cincinnati Microwave, Inc., today, ESCORT owns ~85% of patents in the field. Based on high experience and success in USA, together with European partners Escort develops radar detection systems specifically for use in Europe. At present time products manufacturer of Escort are distributed under the brand names Escort and Beltronics.
Why Valentine 1 Founder and President Mike Valentine has been engineering technically advanced products since the original Escort Radar Warning Receiver in 1976. Valentine ONE is unique radar detector made from aluminium and similarly as Porsche 911 uses the same design for a decade. Underneath the old design, V1 uses the most modern technology. One of them is advanced Euro mode. Valentine ONE is most known detector on the World.
Why Euro models? Just like You have to know Chinese to communicate in China, detectors need to be adapted to understand and receive signals sent by radars that are used in Europe. Detectors made for USA and other markets do not function properly in Europe. Starting early in 21th century special versions called "Euro" models are being offered by several manufacturers. All manufacturers mentioned above provide special versions of their detectors suitable for use in Europe. While You buy detector listed here you can be sure that it will detect all radars across Europe and beyond. If You have any question, feel free to contact us.
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